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Mascot Miniatures
CT-031 Great King of Momonga
CT-032 Princess of Momonga

Fantasy Game Miniatures
FE-035 Wizard

FE-036 Magus Knight

Mascot Miniatures
CT-029 Teddy Bear Freddy
CT-030 Teddy Bear Brain Eater

Mascot Miniatures
CT-027 Teddy Bear Ogre
CT-028 Teddy Bear Vampire

1/35 Military Figures
ML-088 WWII German Panzer Crew #21

ML-087 WWII German Panzer Crew #20
ML-086 WWII German Panzer Crew #19
ML-085 WWII German Panzer Crew #18

Accessories 1/48
KT-023 Circular saw Trap
KT-024 Flamethrower Trap

 1/43 Scale Figures
RC-01 Paddock Girls 80s
RC-02 Paddock Girls 80s #2

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