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Welcome to Aurora Model Website !
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Aurora Model ML-089

The novel coronavirus pandemic has caused reduction of flights from/to Japan. So, the goods may take longer to arrive than usual. International mail service availability chart
Delay information(Updated on 21 Apr 2021)

Shipping is free for orders over $ 150

The Post office has not acceptance of SAL. So we cannot assign tracking numbers to parcels. If you wish to ship the item by EMS, please add this to the cart. (Not applicable to US and CA)
EMS 20.00 USD
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30.00 USD
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Aurora Model ML-070 Game Miniatures Aurora Model
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 What's New

Aurora Model ML-090 German Sturmpanzer Crew
1/35 Military Figures
ML-090 WWII German Sturmpanzer Crew
Aurora Model ML-089 German Sturmpanzer Crew
ML-089 WWII German Sturmpanzer Crew

Aurora Model Miniatures
Mascot Miniatures
CT-046 Teddy Bear Valkyrie
CT-045 Ham-Ham FighterVictory

Aurora Model 1/16 Figures
1/16 Military Figures

Aurora Model Miniatures
Fantasy Game Miniatures
FE-038 Miko Fox

FE-039 Valkyrie

Aurora Model 1/35 Figures
1/35 Military Figures
ML-088 WWII German Panzer Crew #21

ML-087 WWII German Panzer Crew #20
ML-086 WWII German Panzer Crew #19
ML-085 WWII German Panzer Crew #18

Accessories 1/48
KT-023 Circular saw Trap
KT-024 Flamethrower Trap

@1/43 Scale Figures
RC-01 Paddock Girls 80s
RC-02 Paddock Girls 80s #2


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