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  MC-002 Alice in Wonderland Figure & Rabbit
1/32 Scale, Height 54mm, 3 parts White Metal, Unpainted figure kit
Base is not included.

 MC-001 Little Red Riding-Hood
1/32 Scale, Height 54mm, 3 Parts
White Metal, Unpainted figure kit
* Base is not included.

  HT-003 The Samurai, Ryoma Sakamoto 54mm
1/32 Scale, Height 55mm, 3 parts, White Metal , Unpainted figure

Sakamoto Ryoma (1836 - 1867) was a leader of the movement to overthrow the Tokugawa shogunate during the Bakumatsu period in Japan. 
He was the samurai who wore the boots which were active in introduction of the Western culture.
  FHD12 1/20 Military Girl Vietnam War Ver.
1/20 Scale, Height 89 mm, 6 Parts,White Metal, Unpainted Figure kit
40.00 USD
   FHD11 WWII German Panzer Commander 1947
1/20 Scale, Height 91mm, 6 Parts, White Metal, Unpainted Figure kit
40.00 USD
 BM-001 1/5 Bust, WWII German Panzer Crew
  1/5 Scale, Resin, 2 parts, Weight; 135g
The model of this bust is a photograph of a girl in 1942.
She is girlfriend of German tanker at time of World War II.
38.00 USD 

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